About Us

We are a growing import export company with many years of experience in the relevant field. Our business has been inspired by the government’s initiative and vision towards ‘helping the import export sector’ to reach new heights of success and appreciation.

Our Story

Al-Baraq Galaxy

While innovation forms the essence of every creation at Our Company, we ensure that we don’t compromise on quality. Our Company indeed has come a long way from Granite & Marble, Stone Cladding, Porcelain & Ceramic and Quartz business to one of the most successful companies of India. We are a brand of goodness and this is the value we express every day and in everything we do.

We are the

Leading exporters of Granites

Export is one of the best fields to enter the import export industry. India is the land of export as we are producing an immense amount of Granite & Marble, Stone Cladding, Porcelain & Ceramic and Quartz on our land. Our country is versatile and now we even have more tech-focused companies who are willing to set manufacturing units of their brand in India.

Our Team


The Pillars of Our Progress


C Naveen


Rakshith y Poojary

Operations Manager

ER Aqeel