Tan Brown Granite


Minimum Order Quantity: 2000 Square Feet
GST 18% And Delivery Charges Extra


  • Best Use Bathroom and Kitchen Counter Top
  • Cool Texture
  • Attractive look


  • Slab Thickness: 15 mm -18 mm
  • Slab Size: 8′ x 3′ and above
  • High Gloss Polished
  • Flamed
  • Water Absorbent Capacity 0.04%


Tan Brown Granite is an enormous range of granite which is a unique blend of white and grey color. Tan Brown granite is also known as Indian Brown granite. The Quarries of Tan Brown are located in the Indian state of Telangana. It is a budget-friendly option along with the various looks that you can get.

This is beautiful and appealing granite that is great to use in interior and exterior applications. You can use it as a bathroom vanity, kitchen top, wall floors, etc. The primary use of this granite is in Kitchen Countertops as well as bathroom vanity top. Tan Brown has 0% water absorbent capacity, therefore, these Granite are frequently being used for kitchen countertops interior and exterior projects, and worktops.

While hardness and durability remain the ever-attractive features of this Granite.

Its easy availability and present cost competitiveness has made it a favorite homeowner material. This sophisticated and elegant granite has become a very popular choice among the homeowner and design community. As one of the most durable stones on the market, Tan Brown granite is a great investment material. Its incredible density means it is resistant to scratches and is therefore capable of installation in a vast number of locations.


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